Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Watertribe Everglades Challenge Mobile Mapper

The Watertribe Mobile Mapper is available for android, iphone and tablets.  This app displays the positions of watertribe challengers on a Google map background.  You can select a specific challenger to center the map on their position as well as display the position of your mobile device on the map.  Between races, this app will also track challengers during practice sessions (derby).

This is a great way for friends and family to follow their favorite in this exciting race.  It will also be an interesting tool for the challengers to know where they stand during the race.

January 2014 - This app will no longer be updated.  It's too expensive to maintain for the limited group who need such an app.  It will disappear from the itunes store soon.

  • Click here to view the android version in the Google Playstore.

  • Sorry but the Apple iPhone/iPad version is no longer available in the itunes store. 

The mobile mapper has an option allowing you to select a challenger as the center point on the map. The selected challenger's icon is outlined with a green box to stand out. Makes it easy to find where everyone is on the course. All other challengers have a red box around their icon as some of the icons tend to blend into the map. My wife suggested that.

Pressing the “me” button adds a marker on the map and centers the map to where your mobile device currently is in relation to the challengers. Or, say you're in the race and you see a boat off to starboard and you're wondering if it's a fellow watertribe racer. Click the “me” button and the map centers on your gps location regardless if your spot is working. This also could be helpful if you're about to dnf and needing assistance. Your support person can use the mobile mapper as a tool to assist in navigating to your location. It's like having a gps showing their location as well as all the challengers. They can also toggle from satellite to map view to navigate local roads to get to your location.

The mobile mapper can also be used during derby training. My son was out on his power boat one day and used the mobile mapper to find where I was out in the Gulf.

Satellite view is the default when you turn the mapper on. You can add labels or switch to map view and zoom in or out.

Clicking a challenger icon displays a box with location coordinates and time of last ok or tracking point. It's not as robust as the official watertribe mapper in statistics since the mobile device is limited in display size.

It's one way to keep tabs on the race while you're at work with restricted or no internet access.
Thank you for the positive feedback I've received from those who have tested or downloaded the app. There's been some interesting suggestions for future versions. Also if you have the app installed on your mobile device, please take a minute to rate it. Thanks

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